• Energy (E=)

    All living things are made up cells (a known fact) and all cells are made up of atoms (fact) and atoms are 99.999% empty space / energy (fact) then all matter is energy.

    Everything in the Universe is energy.

    We are energy.

  • Everything is Energy + Vibration

    I'll say it again. EVERYTHING is energy: mass, matter, thought, emotions, sub-conscious.

    Energy vibrates and has frequency (fact) and there are things that we can do to raise this vibration and frequency.

    We are vibration.

  • Raise the Vibration

    There are many ways that we can raise our vibration and thus frequency to rejuvenate + heal for a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. The fun really begins when we use frequency to manifest our dream life. I'm going to teach you how to

    Raise your vibration to do just that.

Harness the Power of Crystals

To amplify and cleanse the energy of your home.

Books have never looked so good nestled between these beautiful raw selenite crystal bookends.

Selenite is a power house of a crystal when used for cleansing negative energies. Click to read more.

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Be Nothing Like


I'm helping others live the life of their dreams by sharing everything that has got us to this point.

From a lifetime of depression and lack, to learning about the truths of how energy and vibration work, shadow work, gratitude, self love, healing and beyond, to manifesting a dream life.

To inspire you to take action today to live a high vibrational life - and then watching as life improves from one change at a time.

Honestly, once you awaken and learn this stuff it becomes addictive to the point where you live to protect your energy and work at raising it for both yourself and those around you.

I hope the blog inspires, motivates, & educates families feeling stuck in a rut, wanting more from life but more so shows them that anything is possible.

In less than 2 years, I have completely changed my life. And that of my children. Connected to an abundant beautiful life that was always there, I just needed to learn the skills to step into that life. I'm sharing everything. This is what I can give back.

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